From the chaos born you come…the glorious brilliance of the heavens surrounds you. And the first glorious being you encounter is a wizard fumbling about in his grey cloak.

“Eh? Well! don’t seem to recall seeing you wandering about the realms of the gods before! Never had much of a memory for names. I suppose that it doesn’t much matter since you don’t have one yet. Oh, not to worry, not to worry, that will come in time. Everyone gets a name you know. Hard to keep our records straight here without it!

“I’m Fizban, Fizban the Fabulous, but you can call me…er, well, whatever. I guess some
would call me the big guy around here, but the truth of it is a bit more complicated than that. Still, I am here to help you get on your way into the fabulous world that we have prepared for you. Tragedy and comedy, honor and mystery await you there!

“I suppose you will want to get your bearings first, eh? Not easy stepping out of the chaos and trying to make sense of the new universe, is it? Well never you fear, for you have Fizbur the Feverles…er, Fasbar the Flaver…well, I am at your side every step of the way.

“So let’s…hmmmm. This crazy wizard is my favorite aspect, but I see that it is a bit difficult for you just now. Let’s try something a bit more like what you would expect.”

The old man’s robes flare suddenly with striking rays of light. His form rises before you transformed into the shining brilliance of the greatest of benevolent dragons: Paladine.

DragonLance in 5E

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